New Product Offering: Step 6 - Crush Your MBA Interviews

Why apply for deferred enrollment?

A no-risk shot at a world-class MBA program

There are countless reasons why applying for the 2+2 program or deferred enrollment could be a good option for you, including:

1. Flexibility in timing - you decide when you go (2-4 years post undergrad)

2. Early career boost - even before you go to school, the brand lift from being accepted into one of these schools open doors

3. Fewer peers doing it - get ahead of your peers and apply when fewer folks are applying

4. Burn different social capital - chances are you would use different recommenders in undergrad than you would down the road, no use in saving that social capital 

5. Master the application process - even if you don't get in, you'll be much more prepared when you apply again later; plus the application process is enjoyable